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Monday, February 11, 2008

Gomez To Rapids Final :: United Gets 2nd DP Slot.

So after attending both the Washington Capitals game this past Friday evening at Verizon Center, and a friend's birthday party that night afterwards, I got sick. I've been indoors, under blankets sweating it out, and FINALLY feel better today, thus why there has been no activity here for a few days.

The long awaited Christian Gomez deal was finalised Friday afternoon, and the pending trade between D.C. United and the Colorado Rapids that was to be executed upon Gomez and the Rapids agreeing to terms on a contract, has occurred. What does United get in return for Gomez' rights? Well MLS has decided to remain vague in announcing what was coming back in the Black and Red's direction, stating that United is to receive the Rapids 2009 1st round draft pick, which could end up being a fairly high pick, and future considerations. According to the Washington Post's Steven Goff, part of those "future considerations" is control of the Rapids Designated Player slot.

"The Post has learned that United has gained control of the Rapids' designated player slot, a year-old initiative that allows teams to sign a high-profile star outside the league's salary guidelines."
That said, it does appear unlikely at this point, that United will use the DP slot to go out and obtain another international star player. There are a couple of things that stick out in my mind as possible uses of the 2nd DP slot.

Firstly, it could be used to upgrade the contract of Luciano Emilio, who, while winning MLS' scoring title "MLS Golden Boot" last season with 20 goals, and also won the MLS League MVP Award for 2007, is only set to make about $300,000.00 this coming season. It is my understanding that Emilio is under contract through the 2008 season however, I believe United can upgrade his contract as they see fit. If Emilio continues his prolific scoring in the 2008 season, I would look for this to be the most likely use of United's 2nd DP slot. However, should United / Emilio receive a major offer from another club, most likely over seas, United could accept that offer, thus transferring Emilio out of MLS, and then use this 2nd DP slot to go after another high level, international star caliber player. Personally, I would like to see Emilio stay, and see United reward him with an upgraded contract.

One other scenario would be to use the 2nd DP slot on Juan Sebastian Veron, who, after 5 months of talks with D.C. United brass from July 07 to December 07, decided to stay with his current Argentine club, Estudiantes de La Plata. There is a possibility that Veron may still desire to come to United this summer, after his obligations to Estudiantes are over, and the summer transfer window is open. While that possibility does seem rather exciting, I still have reservations about Veron. Personally, the fact that Veron stretched out the talks with United over 5 months does not sit well with me. While he is a great player, winning numerous hounours over the past 13 seasons in both Argentina, and in Europe, if Emilio once again steps to the forefront of MLS top scorers, perhaps it would be best to use the DP slot on efforts to retain a proven commodity. However, as pointed out earlier if Emilio finds himself leaving MLS on a major offer to D.C. United for his services, this could become his replacement.

Or, United could just hold on to the DP slot until next off season, to see what cards it holds after the 2008 champions are determined, who has worked out, and who has not, and if they do in fact retain Luciano Emilio for the entire season. It will definately be something that bears watching over the course of the 2008 season. Any way you slice this one, United definately seems to have come out on the winning end of this trade.

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Shatz... said...

I'm so done with Veron. United should pick up their chips and move on, even if Veron tries to come crawling back this summer. Of course I was saying the same thing about Poplar Point/Fenty a month ago! I like the idea better of holding onto the DP slot until after the season and see how Emilio does in his sophomore MLS year.

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