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Friday, February 1, 2008

Christian Gomez to Rapids Deal Nearing Completion...

Once again, the soccer scoop master of the universe and D.C. United beat reporter over at the Washigton Post, Steven Goff is reporting on his Soccer Insider that a deal between D.C. United, and Colorado Rapids is all but complete:

"The latest in the Christian Gomez saga is that Colorado has offered him a two-year, guaranteed contract with a base salary of at least $400,000 and bonuses/incentives that could bring his total compensation close to the $500,000 figure per season that he has desired all along. Gomez is apparently close to agreeing to the deal. If that happens, the Rapids will formally acquire his rights from D.C. United. The consensus among MLS folks is that, in exchange, United will receive significant financial considerations and perhaps draft picks."
After nearly a year of going back and forth between United and Gomez on extending his contract here, it became very clear last week with the signing of Argentine star attacking midfielder Marcell Gallardo, that Gomez's time in D.C. had finally come to an end. As far as what United may get in return, well that has been the subject of much speculation among fans. Being that Gomez is out of contract with United, (his contract expired last December) what is actually being traded for are his MLS player rights. At this point, I would have to agree, United will only get financial considerations, (possibly player allocation money) and possibly a first round draft pick at most. Considering United would have gotten nothing for Gomez had he signed a deal with an overseas club, Ill take what we can get should Gomez remain in MLS and go to Colorado.

Gomez came to United in late 2004, and helped spur United on to winning its league leading 4th MLS Cup championship. In Gomez's 4 seasons with United, he achieved multiple awards and honours. Gomez was named to the MLS Best XI in 2005, and won the MLS Honda MVP award for the 2006 season. In addition, Gomez was named to the MLS All Star team for the 2005, 2006, and 2007 seasons.

Gomez will improve most any club he goes to by a significant and noticable margin. One thing that will remain to be seen, is will he play for, live for, and die for the badge for another club, like he did for the Black and Red? I would think that he will, but I also think his relationship with United is a bit different, and a special one. We were his first MLS side, and he bled black and red through and through here. I think that is a decent part of his play, was his passion for, and dedication to the badge which he represented. Like I have said time and time again, he was not just "a player" he was a D.C. United fan himself too. The proof is in the pudding as Gomez, being suspended for an away match against Red Bull New York, (a couple of seasons ago I can not remember the exact date) drove himself to Giants Stadium, and stood with the 300 or so Barra Brava and Screaming Ealges members in the stands, cheering United on to victory. Players such as gomez, in professional sports today, are extremely rare. You definately can not say that about TOO many players. United has been lucky to have a string of these type of players, players like Marco Etcheverry and All time MLS goals leader, Jaime Moreno.

I think those Rapids fans who are skeptical will find themselves very pleasantly surprised should this deal get done, and the Rapids actually aquire Gomez. Weather or not he lives and dies for the badge he plays behind there remains to be see, but if he does ( no reason to think he would not) then they will be in for an extra special treat. He's one of the very best A-Mids MLS has seen, and they'll noticed that right away. The one question as far is just strictly play goes in my mind at least, is do the Rapids have the guys who can provide the kind of higher level support that will help Gomez flourish. I guess time will tell. We wish him all the best, wherever he goes, and he certainly will be missed by the Black And Red, and their ardent supporters.

I will an update with details as the become available.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, Rapids just became my third-favorite MLS team. (DCU is first of course, followed by Chivas USA.)

I miss Gomez already.

But may I just say that I already love lil Franco Niell?!! He's only 5'4" but he's really good and fast and scored 3 out of 6 goals vs. the u17 US team!

by the way...I'm a DCU fan from Alexandria too!! :)

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